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Celebrating Each Candidate’s Growth and Journey: LANALP’s Exit Panel

The LANALP team has had a very busy and fruitful summer, with the recruitment and selection of a fourth and final cohort of new administrators and the closing of a transformative, two-year journey for our second cohort. Always learning from and mindful of the experiences of our candidates and coaches, the team is continuously working on program improvements and ways to elevate the voice of these hard-working, committed leaders. It was for all these reasons and more that we introduced the Exit Panel as a culminating event to honor that journey and reflect on our individual and collective growth.

The LANALP Exit Panel was designed to give each candidate the opportunity to articulate his/her development as an instructional leader, prepared to lead high-need and persistently low-achieving schools in upward trajectories of accelerated student achievement ensuring equity for all students. It serves as an intentional, focused conversation with knowledgeable colleagues, as candidates reflect on their journey and think critically about their growth and all that is still ahead.

The Exit Panel is an opportunity for reflection and critical conversation. It is a final program activity before candidate names are submitted to LAUSD human resources for their Clear Credential and it is non-evaluative. The presentation is structured as a critical conversation that affords the candidate the opportunity to speak to:

●  His/her growth as a school leader (accomplishments and impacts)
●  His/her degree of movement towards mastery of CPSELs
●  His/her thoughts as to how to continue to hone their skills to ensure that they are the leader of a team focused on transforming teaching and learning

We had our first group of sixteen Cohort 2 candidates complete the Exit Panel on August 19, 2017. Each participant was joined by his or her coach, a LANALP team member, and 1-3 additional coaches whose participation helped to push for deeper reflection and more meaningful, rigorous discussion. During the 30-minute walkthrough and discussion, candidates articulated their vision and philosophy, reviewed artifacts and reflections from their portfolio, shared some findings from their action research and field projects, and reflected on their Professional Learning Log, and Summative Assessment. Panelists were there to listen and show support before everyone engaged in follow-up conversation to ask questions and share feedback. Some culminating candidates likened the process to a dissertation defense while others saw it as a celebration. Above all, it was a conversation that signaled the successful completion of their LANALP journey and a springboard to continued growth, commitment to social justice and transformational change, and ongoing support.

We commend these leaders who shared their journey with us and we are thrilled to see each of them move forward along this path, poised and equipped to transform teaching and learning to advance educational equity within and across our schools.

Our next Exit Panel for remaining Cohort 2 candidates is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2017.

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