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The Power (and Process) of Setting a Strong, Shared Vision

The following post was shared anonymously by a LANALP’s Cohort 2 alumni, who wished to remain anonymous.   Although I have always been aware of my school site’s Vision,...

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“Education Is a Spiritual Business…”

“Education is a spiritual business, addressing the heart, the deeper person.” – LANALP Cohort 1 Candidate     With the closing of LANALP’s first cohort, candidates were asked to...

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We All Should Have a Voice

By Ramona S. Treviño, Ph.D. February 13, 2017 “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” — John Adams The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster...

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School Leadership Counts!

School and teacher leaders increase student achievement. Here’s how. While the importance and impact of school and teacher leadership has been widely understood by policymakers and practitioners, the field...

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Once considered failing, 20th Street Elementary tops district in improvement of math scores

Principal Mario Garcielita (LANALP Alumni) and Assistant Principal Isabel Nino (LANALP Candidate, Cohort 3) Lead Transformation View this story in Spanish Mike Szymanski (LA School Report)   Just two...

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LANALP Through the Lens of a Coach

LANALP, A Love Letter with Bonnie Murrow     Much has been written on the qualities of what makes a great educational leader, but what cannot always be quantified...

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