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A Greater Purpose at Boys Academic Leadership Academy

LANALP Cohort 3 Candidate Donald Moorer is committed to ensuring that all students will be equipped with the tools to build a solid foundation of academic excellence rooted in brotherhood and to uphold the Boys Academic Leadership (BAL) Academy creed – Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Humility. BALA is a STEAM-focused school and its mission to address the underachievement of young men of color is dependent upon a single-gender model… and among the first for the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Principal Moorer believes that a single-sex environment helps him advance his personal mission and vision for education, helping to address the achievement gap that currently exists in the District’s coeducational schools. BALA seeks to increase interest, participation, and achievement of young men of color in STEM-related fields in an environment that research has shown will improve boys’ academic achievement.


In Moorer’s words, BAL Academy men are RICH in character! He believes that every student is a genius that deserves a safe, caring, and inspirational environment to thrive intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. BAL Academy is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusion that encourages students to be innovative and courageous with their ideas.


Here is a glimpse of Life at BAL! 



Academic Pursuit at BAL – BAL LIFE!


Each morning at Boys Academic Leadership Academy begins a new day of learning, brotherhood, leadership and greater purpose. Students are eager to help their House affiliation win for the day.  Students are members of four Houses on the campus of Boys Academic Leadership Academy – Ali, Baldwin, Guevara, and Tyson.  BAL Houses were named to commemorate distinguished male figures of color in varied fields of accomplishment – Science, Sports, Social Justice and Liberal Arts.

Pictured above: BAL students running to morning Town Hall


After Town Hall, lead by Principal Moorer, students ensure that their brothers are in full school uniform, their shirts and ties are ready for the day, and they remind each other not to earn demerits as a house.  
Advisory provides students an opportunity to connect with their house leaders and follows town hall to prepare students to a day of learning.  Every student receives academic instruction in the four core subjects and all students participate in learning music.

Ali House members (pictured), have decided to kneel and cross their hearts as a sign of respect while they recite Invictus, in the morning ritual.

Students are actively engaged in their classroom learning.

Hands are raised in 6th grade math class as students are eager to share their answers with the class.

Everyday at BAL is an adventure in Boyhood and an opportunity to powerfully impact the next generation of leaders.

Principal Moorer states “I am committed to ensuring that all students will be equipped with the tools to build a solid foundation of academic excellence rooted in brotherhood and to uphold the BAL Academy creed – Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Humility.





BALA Mission, Vision and Focus


Vision: The Boys Academic Leadership Academy of Los Angeles (BALA) will provide boys with a clear pathway to college in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Boys will graduate from BALA with the academic and personal skills to succeed, with collaborative and compassionate leadership skills, and with a sense of self and responsibility to their community.


Mission: BALA will provide a highly rigorous college preparatory education in an all-boys environment based on voluntary enrollment that fosters academic excellence, ethical leadership, a sense of responsibility to each other, and intellectual curiosity. BALA instills the core values of excellence, leadership, and wellness throughout the school.


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