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LANALP Through the Lens of a Coach

LANALP, A Love Letter

with Bonnie Murrow



Much has been written on the qualities of what makes a great educational leader, but what cannot always be quantified is how reflective leaders examine the process and components of their decision making and its impact. What is also less known is the value of a coaching relationship to support practice of new administrators.


The LANALP Clear Administrative Service Credential Program, in collaboration with LAUSD, has created a relevant, hands on program to build competent, strong educational leaders. At the core of this program  is the use of an individual coach to support the work and the candidate.


So this is where I come in! I am a coach for LANALP in Cohorts 1, 3 and 4. Since the beginning of the program in 2015, when process and protocols were being defined, all the way to Cohort 4, when all best practices are being implemented from our prior learning and program feedback, there remains a constant: the coach/candidate relationship.


As a retired LAUSD administrator, I am passionately dedicated to giving back and supporting new administrators in navigating the “minefields” and using reflective practice engaging Habits of Mind, and seeing a candidate’s clear vision.  


LANALP supports the coaches through trainings and professional development. Through cognitive coach training, I have honed my skills as a better listener and am able to encourage my candidates to dig deeper into their thinking and practice.


The two years that each Cohort candidate has to build their portfolio tends to fly by but the relationships continue to this day. My cohort 1 candidates have become principals and we still maintain contact. One still calls every week to give me an update and discuss whatever needs further reflection. I am energized by all of this!


LANALP and LAUSD got this right in “developing their own.” It’s all evident in the quality of administrators who have completed the program and those who are still to come through.  It’s all there: coach/candidate relationship and support, reflective practice, Habits of Mind, and creating transformative leaders. Cohort 4 cannot be the end of the line!! We have found a program that is viable, significant, and sustainable. It must continue! Our system deserves the best educational leaders to transform education.

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