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Pathways to Equity: LANALP Cohort 4 Application and Selection

The Los Angeles New Administrative Leadership Program (LANALP) is proud to launch its fourth leadership development cohort this Fall, comprised of 34 bold new administrators across the Los Angeles Unified School District who are committed to ensuring equity for all students through systemic school transformation. Our rigorous application and selection process was designed with intention, with a series of activities that prompted applicants to demonstrate how they think systemically and act strategically to advance student achievement and educational equity. During our three-part Candidate Selection Days, prospective candidates engaged in a small-group fishbowl discussion on Gloria Ladson-Billings’ 2006 address “From the Achievement Gap to the Education Debt: Understanding Achievement in U.S. Schools”, an on-demand writing exercise in response to Donovan Livingston’s HGSE Convocation Speech, and a one-on-one interview with an experienced fellow administrator. This last piece elevated the voice of the practitioner, particularly those leading transformational work at high-challenge schools, and distinguished this year’s selection process from all previous screenings. We hope and trust that this added rigor and intentionality will set our fourth and final cohort on a path toward greater equity and lasting impact.


Our Cohort 4 LANALP Inductees for 2017-2019 are:

Joe Arroyo

Luis Baez

Emily Barbee

Deon Brady

Sandra Bravo-Gulick

Enriqueta Cabrera

Elliott Cruzata

Ivet Diaz-Sawyer

Malaika Evans

Rosario Flores

Karima Gillenwaters

Sarah Gilman

Veronica Gonzalez

Gardenia Gonzalez

Kristal Green

Sonia Herrera

Danyielle Herring-McDavid

William Lamb

Robert LeBlanc

Estela Lopez

Tyler Malotte

Rebecca McMurrin

Tracye McWhorter

Mercy Momary

Susan Montano

Dora Rosa

Silvia Rubalcava

Alma Salazar

Natalie Smith

Angelica Streif


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