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The Power (and Process) of Setting a Strong, Shared Vision

The following post was shared anonymously by a LANALP’s Cohort 2 alumni, who wished to remain anonymous.   Although I have always been aware of my school site’s Vision,...

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“Education Is a Spiritual Business…”

“Education is a spiritual business, addressing the heart, the deeper person.” – LANALP Cohort 1 Candidate     With the closing of LANALP’s first cohort, candidates were asked to...

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We All Should Have a Voice

By Ramona S. Treviño, Ph.D. February 13, 2017 “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” — John Adams The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster...

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LANALP Through the Lens of a Coach

LANALP, A Love Letter with Bonnie Murrow     Much has been written on the qualities of what makes a great educational leader, but what cannot always be quantified...

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Celebrating Each Candidate’s Growth and Journey: LANALP’s Exit Panel

The LANALP team has had a very busy and fruitful summer, with the recruitment and selection of a fourth and final cohort of new administrators and the closing of...

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